Monday, November 22, 2010

No watch swim

Not running during Sunday's spin class means my watch was still fastened to my bike when I was getting into the pool on Monday. Between my being very shortsighted and the really stupid placement of the pace clock, I went with a plan that didn't need me to look at times at all. I looked at the start, and at the end, and knew I'd swum for an hour. That included regular pace stuff, some kick, some drill, some pull. The massage yesterday and a really good night's sleep helped the swim feel smooth and strong.

Then out into -WTF weather. Shoveled in the afternoon. Brrr. Leg workout in the evening. Struggles with internet again. I think my wireless transmitter is going flakey.


  1. Nice job getting the swim in, I on the other hand, have to go tonight. Agenda 26 x 50. This William Tom Henry weather is really driving me crazy! ;)

  2. I'd rather run in the snow than the rain. For reals.

    O, and speaking of happy bikes, we finally took my p*ssy-@$$ recumbent exercise bike in to be welded. And Art the welder said he'd call back the next day to tell us if it could be fixed for the dollar-limit we had in mind.

    That was over a week ago. Still no call.


    No, wait.

    I meant infinite tolerance.

  3. -WTF is right!! I'm tired of it already. Although the warm weather will just make things worse before it freezes again and I HATE that even more!

    Nice job on the swim. I really must get my butt back to the pool. But what I REALLY want to do is drink hot toddies!!

  4. I am with Jen- the thought of swimming right now makes me even colder. I much prefer sitting by the fire sipping a hot baileys and hot chocolate.


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