Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wed swim was good, 45 minutes. Some strong and smooth, some just cruising along in a lane to myself. Not many people in the pool at all, not sure why.

Then to ART. There was a huge click or crack as he was doing some manipulation, but he assured me it was all good. Then he tried to pull my leg out by the roots, and got it about half way. Iced it firmly when I got home, and did some light stretching. It felt odd all day.

Yoga had one of my fave poses, pigeon, but I wasn't totally in the mood. I didn't want to push my knee, so I didn't get the full benefit of the stretch.

More knee icing on Thursday. Amelia the Cat helped, see my facebook page for the photo. Gentle stretching and some of the easier exercises. It's still feeling a bit odd. I think it's because the muscles are working together in slightly different ways.

Spin class was a bit weird. At times my knee would be normal and I'd spin fine. Then a few minutes later it would be all weak and feeble and cranky. One leg drill is brutal, that hurts just above the top of the knee cap where the quad joins in. Was on the bike 1.75 hrs, though the last few minutes was easy spin. My heart rate wasn't that high, but my breathing seemed higher than normal. I'm icing it even as I type.


  1. I HATE it when my bones snap and crack!! It makes me so nauseous. UGH.

    Ya pigeon, I love how it makes my butt muscles squirm, but I'm not convinced its so safe for the knees :(

    Hopefully your knee crankyness calms down over the next few days!

  2. I found my bike.
    And my trainer.
    And my shoes.
    Everything is set up.
    Now I actually just have to get on the damn thing...
    Sorry about the knee...that's a bugger!!


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