Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A moderately cold run

When I woke up the weather page said this.

Then about 10:15 when I went out for my run, it said this. That isn't so bad. The humidity is a killer though. Gotta watch that.

Here's what I looked like after.

It's not cold enough or dry enough for the moisture to condense properly on the Mo to get proper tusks. Oh well, maybe next week.

Again, 5 K, nice and easy, in about 37 minutes. It's harder running in two pairs of tights, but my legs were pretty good about it. I could have run further, but why push it? I'd done 40 minutes of core work before the run to get warmed up.

Nailed the clothing.
Running shoes, with regular socks.
Two pair tights.
Short, and long sleeved tech shirt.
Heavy hoody
Wind shell.
Scarf to keep chin warm.
Visored cap, felt toque, hood up.
Gloves inside mittens.
Road ID. (forgot to mention that last time, but it's buried under about 5 layers.)


  1. You're totally hardcore, Keith. I wimp out when it's 0 celsius.

  2. You're so brave Keith!! I'm wimping out by going on the treadmill, I know. I'm also not sure which is worse - I haven't run on a treadmill in years either!

    Loved your comment about cold being relative and not an excuse - I definitely need to learn to suck it up! I'll work on that next week...

  3. Oh man...running like the Michelin Man is always fun!

  4. So cold... yet, really not that bad tonight! I've been colder working at the ski hill at night. Staying moving keeps you so much warmer!

  5. Big props for braving the weather. Plus, where else do you get to see a stach like that?!

  6. Hahahahahahaha!! You are so cute Keith!! Hahahahahahaha!!

    I am so glad (and thankful) I won't be running outside in this CRAP!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!! I have a VALID medical reason. :) :)

    Yes, I am actually grinning ear to ear right now. Hahahahahahaha!

  7. It's not cold enough or dry enough for the moisture to condense properly on the Mo to get proper tusks.

    Here's the real reason you can't get walrus tusks:

    The Walrus was Paul.

  8. See 2 pairs of tights wasn't warm enough for me!

    Love the frosty Mo!!

  9. Loved the picture! Yes, you ran in true Canadian style. I am actually looking forward to when Barrie gets hit with similar temperatures!

  10. Sheesh -- I was complaining about it being 30 above outdoors. And that's in Farenheit. Just the thought of it being that cold makes me want to go back to California.

    I am impressed with your dedication :)


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