Monday, November 15, 2010

The core begins, really begins

Chatted with my buddy JN at the pool today as we shared a lane. I shamelessly drafted off him. It's always interesting to watch people you know swim. He does very well. Also chatted with Mr. Elegant as he came back for his first swim in a while.

My swim was an hour, being sure to go a bit over the hour mark to make up for the chatting. Good warmup, some kick drill, 8 x 100 on 2 min times ranging from 100 to 110 seconds, more kick drill, pull, some easy stroke, kick, I don't know it's all kind of is muddled now. Worked on form.

I did stuff I can't talk about here because Susi sometimes reads my blog. Facebook is right out.

Finally had my appointment with the sugar doctor, as I was calling him. He evaluated what we know about my knee, and suggests that prolotherapy or Platelet Rich Plasma is the way to go. I need to find out what my health care coverage for this is. It all sounds very promising.

He likes the leg exercises that Dr. MacDonald gave me, and strongly suggested I step up the core exercises. Strengthening my core is key to stabilizing the muscles and stuff around my knee. It will help the healing process from the injections, and will help prevent injuries in the future. Sounds good to me. I've "known" all my life that I should work on core strength, and work on my posture. Yeah, all those things your mother told you. But until very recently I've done little to nothing about it. During the year before IMC, Katie had me doing more core than I've ever done before in my life, and it made a big difference.

I've been a slacker for the last couple months, but no more. Back onto the core train. I need to dial back on the bike, making sure to keep the rpm and power output down, since that's what has been bothering my knee. Running is ok, as long as I pay attention to what my body is saying, but best not to push it too hard.

So tonight I was coring for an hour. One of the benchmarks will be plank to failure. Today was 1:30.

It's just on 10pm, and it's snowing. It's supposed to snow about 10 cm tonight, about 4 inches. Plus wind to push it around. It should be very interesting driving tomorrow.


  1. 4 inches of snow? Last time it snowed that much around here, people broke out the cross-country skis and used them to get around. Can't imagine commuting to work through that.

  2. Ya, wasn't that talkative... thanks for the compliment on my swimming. For the record, I was pushing it a bit because I could tell you were right on my toes :)
    Not that you should actually use this as an excuse, but think about how much your definition of "slacker" has changed, Mr. IRONMAN.
    Good luck with the knee treatments, will be watching for updates.


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