Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was a fig tree

Later on Tues I did the Julie trick, just in case there was stank. I had to wash workout gear anyway so as the washing machine was filling up I poured in several cups of vinegar, then added the oldest most used gear till it was full. Once it had swooshed and gurgled around a little I paused it and let it sit for an hour, then completed the cycle, and hung it to dry. So far so good, the real test is sniffing once it's sweaty again.

The Wed am swim was super! I wasn't in the mood to do sets of anything. I just wanted to swim. I was watching the two lanes to see which I should hop into. The right one had a guy swimming just about exactly my speed. The left one had a girl swimming what I thought was a bit faster. As I pondered a girl jumped into the right lane. She has a strong stroke but is slow slow slow. That decided me.

I started when the girl turned around at the far end, and very quickly found a good feel for the water. I'm still trying to work on my stroke, aiming more for clean and efficient, rather than trying to go fast. I figure a better stroke will automatically be fast(er). I didn't pay much attention to her, but noticed my lane buddy was gradually gaining on me. That was fine. 500 m in I was on track for about a 19 minute K, and shortly after she passed me. Of course I drafted. I think she picked up her pace a bit trying to drop me, but I hung on for  about 300 m, oh so gradually slipping out of the draft. Part of it was my flip turns getting sloppy, and part of it was this girl could really swim. She was going just a hair faster than I could comfortably maintain and I was gradually getting more and more out of breath. I swam about the last 75 m out of the draft, and was very happy to see an 18:30 K! I dialed it back and swam easy. Then some drill, some kick, and some 100 m intervals on 2 m trying for good form. Cool down. About 45 minutes total, with about 10 minutes core in the dive tank.

The Chiro/ART went really well, no alarming pops or cracks this time, just some quiet clicks. I'm to continue with the exercises, and come back in 2 weeks. My left calf is still a bit sore; the Dr thinks I might be unconsciously compensating by trying to take it easy on the right knee.

During yoga we did a new balance pose called Fig Tree. Stand on right leg with left leg behind with toes just touching the mat. Stretch left hand out palm forward. Right hand up, palm back. Push left leg back and slightly off the mat, while leaning forward slightly. All the other poses were the usual suspects. Very nice, even if someone (not me) was snoring during Savasana.


  1. My brain backfires when I start thinking about "foot to the left, hand to the right, bend forward, etc." Hahahahahaah!! I remember one yoga class, it was like I was paralyzed -- my left/right brain signals got all confused and my limbs refused to respond. Yoga is as much mental training and physical!! LMAO!!!!!

    Interesting about how you may be unconsciously compensating for your right knee...that makes sense, you know?

    Fig tree.....reminds me of fig newtons. :)

  2. I always hate getting to a pool and deciding which lane to get in if they're all full with swimmers of varying abilities. It can make or break your workout.

    I'm with Julie-all that left right business in Yoga is so confusing. Imagine being the instructor trying to keep track of it!

  3. Great post...I have a great time reading...Sorry to hear about your left calf. Wish I'll recover soon.

  4. Excellent swim!! I'm not good at sharing, I get so pissy when someone hops into the lane I wanted or when it gets too crowded!! Don't these people know its all about ME???

    Fig tree?? I'm not any kind of tree at yoga..maybe a tree trunk.

  5. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the good karma about the knee and the cholesterol, knee is mending and the second test on cholesterol came out better. Still was a good wake up call to watch the diet closer.

    Great post about your swim, it reminded me of my swim at Ironman Florida in 2009 (

    Richard (


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