Sunday, November 28, 2010

200+ rpm. (not me!)

Volunteering at the spinathon was lots of fun! Here's a video from early on in the day. They raised a ton of money for Janelle.

It was great to see lots of people I know, but my knee actually got a bit cranky with me towards the end. I've often noted that just standing around or walking slowly is hard on me. I stretched it out a bit when I got home.

Sunday was our regular spin session, though I didn't run. The snow was melting yesterday and then it snowed last night and today; perfect for creating slippery conditions. My knee was still feeling cranky and I didn't want to stress it. It kind of sucked as far as a workout session goes. I was getting weird shooting pains in my calf, knee, and thigh. Not really painful, but sharp. No real strength in my leg today. It took FOREVER to warm up! The store was cold, and I was colder. For a long time I was wearing a hoody, then took that off. That left an extra T shirt on. I was almost an hour into the workout before I felt warm enough to take that off. 1.75 hr spin.

One of the cadence sets had an all out portion. Normally I like these and can get going pretty fast, but not now. Here's Todd going all out during spin class, because he wondered what he looked like. You can see all sorts of stuff happening.

Home to spaghetti with bison sauce for lunch, and Linda made more cookies! Shoveled the driveway again, maybe another cm of snow.

Weekly Summary
Swim 3.0 hrs
Bike 3.25 hrs
Run .5 hrs
Total Cardio 6.75 hrs
Core 4.0 hrs


  1. Those videos were great! I am so happy to hear that the SPin-a-thon went well. I really want to do one those these days...actually I will be doing one of them at the next MRT camp in January!

    Spin class looks really fun! The fact that you are WITH people, instead of lonely little me, all by myself in my back hall, pedaling away. Boo-hoo. Hahahahaha!

    200rpm? OK, I have to ask...WHY?!?!?!?!


  2. I want Linda to be my new BFF. Spaghetti with bison AND cookies?! Dare I ask what kind of wine you paired with that? I'm starving all of a sudden. And thirsty.

    Congrats on the spin a thon!


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