Sunday, November 7, 2010

Double chocolate expresso muffins

Yummy. The promise of them kept me going through the spin, run, and core. Well, most of the core.

2 hrs on the bike, lots of stuff. Knee was good until near the very end working on a big hill climb set, when it twinged a bit at the top of the knee cap. Backed off a bit, but finished things.

Run 20 minutes. My left knee was a bit weird, but it came around and I had a nice run. 10 minutes from the cross walk to the pretty pedestrian overpass near the girl scout building. Then back. Nice and sunny, perfect temp for a run. Maybe 5 C or so, not sure.

Then the killer kore. It's good for me, I know it is, but holy crap. Pushups. Ug. I'm passing on side plank till I'm more confident of how my knees will take it. Then the muffins! Yay!

Once home I had time to clean up so I wasn't all sweaty icky for my super massage therapist JL. She worked me over pretty good and says my legs have way fewer grumpy muscles than 2 weeks ago. Anybody here in Calgary looking for a good therapist to come to their homes let me know and I'll give you her contact info.

Did a good health care rant on facebook. For those of you who can't see Julie's Mike's wall, and want the rant, let me know and I'll repost it on this blog.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.5 hrs
Bike 3.75 hrs
Run 1.75 hrs
Walk 1.0 hrs
Total cardio 8.0 hrs
Core 1.75 hrs.


  1. get chocolate muffins at your spin class???? SIGN ME UP!!

  2. It's not fair to discuss food... especially muffins with espresso... and not give a recipe! :-/


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