Sunday, November 21, 2010

A happy bike

Yesterday was a quiet day on the workout front. An easy driveway shovel and some leg exercises was about it. Most of the effort went into the rant on zero tolerance. You can find it either by scrolling down, or going into labels section on the left, down there below the blog roll, and clicking on Rant.

I wasn't sure how the bike would go today. My left leg is cranky from the shoveling, and both hams are tired. Plus the knee. It doesn't hurt most of the time, but I'm not going to forget about it on the bike.

So today I grooved to the tunes, stayed below 110 rpm and picked gearing and effort to keep my heart rate in the mid 120's. It all went very well, and I ended up feeling surprisingly strong. This has happened on some outdoor rides as well, starting with tired legs and ending up with a good ride.

No run. I don't mind running in these temperatures, but I'd really rather not go from being totally wet in a warm humid room into -25 C windchill, and likely colder since we run beside the river and it's always windy. I just didn't want the challenge today. Tomorrow and Tues are supposed to be just as cold, or colder, but I'll probably run then.

Except for the pushups and the side plank I did all the core stuff, even lots of front plank! I'm really pleased.

My massage therapist will be here soon. Life is good. Pleased at how the increased focus on core is going. My abs are talking to me.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.75 hrs
Bike 2.25 hrs
Run .75 hrs
Total cardio 5.75 hrs
Core 4.75 hrs

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  1. Maybe you should put some of that effort into cookie making. Or scone making. Or basement cleaning. ;)


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