Saturday, April 1, 2017

The BBQ is free!

Spring is coming on strong. Some of our plants in the side bed are optimists.

I think Linda said these are day lilies. There are some tulips coming up out front. And some oriental poppies in the back garden, which has barely begun to thaw. As of yesterday there was still ice on it, only a few feet from the poppies.

I still believe that we are going to get more snow, perhaps a big dump of it. I hope the little plants know what they're doing.

Meanwhile from last year, there are still some rose hips hanging in.

In other news, the BBQ is free of ice! I celebrated by doing rack of lamb for the first time this year. Who out there does ribs? I want to try a rack or two of ribs this year, and have never done them. If a photo buddy knows ribs, and wants a guided tour of Fish Creek, maybe we can make something happen. Wine will be involved, of course.

In fitness news, yesterday was a 1 K swim 18 min flat, not even trying. I was half done before I realized the pace. Relaxed stroke, not breathing hard. Loved it! Plus a half hour of water running.

Today was a 10 K run through Fish Creek. The paths are mostly free of ice, but we had to dodge a few big puddles. Might be a little icy first thing in the morning. BRBE and I wanted to take it easy, so 1:14 for a 7:22 /K pace. The last time I ran 10 K was Sept 25.

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  1. sigh. Still waiting for spring to put in an appearance here. Nice photos.


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