Friday, April 7, 2017

Not quite the running of the bulls

Curtis is convinced there is a huge supply of hot buttered mice outside, ready to be hunted by the mighty orange predator. That's what he says anyways, but we secretly suspect he wants to hunt for better humans. Not that he'll find them, of course. But try telling a cat anything it doesn't want to believe.

Celina is a whole lot more secretive about it. She doesn't make a big production of asking out, she just keeps an eye out to the main chance, and dashes for the door. Any door. Once she gets there she has no idea what to do next. Often it involves sitting there and looking around.

Last night we put them on their harness and let them stroll around in the back patio for the first time this year. You will be expecting photos, I know, I can see your eyes scrolling down. Up here! (TWSS)

There are no cat photos today. Sorry. I thought about it, but trying to manage a camera and two leashes with cats on the other end is one expensive piece of plastic, glass, and electronics too many. They wanted to go in opposite directions. Celina to explore the grass, Curtis the garden, and a few minutes later the fence. No hot buttered mice.

Here's a nice abstract B&W for you. My next photo trip is the scenic route to Red Deer to pick up the wine kits we ordered. Up 22 as far as Caroline, or maybe just Sundre, then zig zag over to Red Deer for lunch time or so. Anyone have any good suggestions for landscape vantage points?

I got a few nice things said about yesterday's landscape, thank you very much!

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