Thursday, April 13, 2017

A pretty reflective

I'm glad that week is over. I was out in the garden working on some water drop shots, but they didn't work out like I wanted. Maybe I should have set up the tripod but I didn't want to do that tonight. I just wanted to stroll the garden and enjoy the peace, quiet, and smell of wet cedar mulch. Yes, it snowed a little today.

There's a new reflective ornament in the  back that I found today. It's probably been there for years and I've never noticed, but it is really pretty and has the most interesting reflections. I'll probably shoot this more.

You can see the house, the rain chain, part of the pergola or whatever that's called above the gate, some of the garden, and me.

Here's another of the abstracts I was experimenting with. Still need to get out the tripod and get serious on them, but I've been doing some planning. This weekend for sure, but the list is already long.

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