Monday, April 10, 2017

A canvas, I'm so excited!

Some of you may know the story. I've been meaning to get some of my photos printed for a while now, and even with this semi-retired life never seemed to have the time. Then I sent a buddy a quick screen shot of a photo that'd I'd tweaked and asked if it was too much. The response was "I want a print!" I guess it wasn't too much.

So that was impetus to get organized and get it done. I picked up the first one today. It's the red combine landscape I've had up several times. Here it is in real life, on an 18x 32 canvas, right where everyone coming in the front door is going to see it. The light is kind of funny, in that the right side of it seems a bit brighter. I did nothing to it in Lightroom, just cropped it slightly.

A photo of a canvas print of a photo. A little self referential, but that's ok. Even after spending a long time looking at it on screen, I'm still seeing detail I hadn't noticed before. Now that it's home, I'm almost wishing I'd printed it bigger.

Next week I should be able to pick up the three other prints. They're on nice paper and getting framed now. This photography stuff is fun!

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