Saturday, April 8, 2017

An abstract experiment

Yesterday I had a lovely quiet day. I was going through a macro photography book and making notes, when I had an epiphany. A great idea for  series of abstract photos came into mind, and one of the techniques the author mentioned would be really helpful.

This photo is an experiment, just to see if the idea will work. What are your thoughts on this abstract?

The rest of the day was doing house stuff, accepting a delivery of a huge box, and being forced to nap by the cats, as they held me down. I'm not kidding.

Today was a nice easy wake up day, then off to Repsol. The pool was a bit of a gong show and we debated which lane would be best. Michelle wanted to try a time trial, but the lanes were full. Eventually we settled into a lane and just swam.

I had fun with my inner shark coming out to pass the other people in the lane. One guy was working hard to stay ahead of me, using fins and paddles. With two other people in the lane I wasn't going to try to pass him. He stopped after a few laps and I heard him gasping as I turned. I deliberately didn't time myself or count laps, and stopped when I felt like stopping. I had assumed I'd be timing and counting laps for Michelle if she did the test at all, but it turned out she just did it herself. She's thrilled that she took a whole minute off her 500 m time! I keep telling her that she's going to bust through this plateau she's been on, and be swimming way faster. Soon I think this speed will be slow for her.

Then we were off for a run, me being a bit cautious from cranky legs. 9K 1:11 and slowing down on the last one. Long warm up and cool down. Then off to coffee and treats with a buddy, such a nice visit!

Don't be afraid to comment below about the abstract, or respond on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'm really curious to know.


  1. It reminds me of something one would see from an electron microscope: hair, skin, virus or of a rock or mineral.

    1. Thanks for the comment! So interesting the different things people get from an image.


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