Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The long kiss goodbye

The lips are waving. Linda had a huge giant milestone in her working life. After 35 and a bit years, she pulled the plug (insert any number of cliches here) and handed in her retirement notice. June 9 is her last working day at the City. She will be on "vacation" for a while after that, then the retirement gig starts.

It's amazing to me, and lots of other people that someone has been with the same employer that long, but there are people at the City with more service time than that. I'd have to stop and think how many employers I've had in that time. More than a dozen in oil and gas alone, and there were several jobs before that.

Even with all the thought and planning (and teeth gritting endurance) that's gone into it, the reality hasn't sunk in yet. Changing a routine is hard sometimes, and this is a long habit. She is looking forward to spending lots of time in the garden this summer. I don't think she's going to miss work in the slightest.

My current contract will end about then, though the timing is less certain. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time on photography this summer. Maybe more of these abstracts.

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  1. Congrats, Linda! Wow, 35+ years with the same employer...impressive. Enjoy the last month or so at work and then the garden this summer! Pretty sure you'll have lots to fill your time :)

    BTW - haven't been commenting, Keith, but am still reading. LOVE the photos!!


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