Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another great excavation!

The paperwork breeds in an incestuous way, you know. Maybe you don't, but I doubt it. All my readers are adults, or ought to be, and we all know this stuff. Leave it alone and it grows and grows. The dust bunnies start moving in. Then it starts getting out of hand. Any time I want to gross anyone out I just have to tell them about the mouse condo in some files at a gas processing plant I once visited.

My desk had reached the dust bunny point. I couldn't find stuff anymore. Like bills that needed to be paid soon. The coffee table right behind me was stacked up with stuff as well. I decided today was the day.

Paid the bills and started shuffling and filing and shredding and washing. Books entered into the database and stamped so we know they have been done. There is an enormous mound of paper behind the books and that paper bag. Some time later here we are.

It's a desk again! On the coffee table, down at the bottom layers of the paper, I found a pay stub from 2009, and other paperwork of a similar vintage. So far it's been filed in a drawer, but I really must develop a master data strategy regarding paperwork retention. Within arms reach, and don't ask me why, I have tax paperwork dating back to 2000. (Sighs deeply and hangs head.)

One of my buddies asked if I was wearing a pith helmet for this. No, but once I got into it I was almost regretting the lack of respirator or dust mask.

The observant of you will have noticed the kettle print has moved from the desk to under the glass of the coffee table. No, there's a framed version of that about to get hung on the wall. This is a print they did to check their settings and found an issue. A pretty minor one, I could barely see it after they pointed it out. You probably won't notice it even if I did point it out. None the less, I wouldn't feel right about actually selling it. I'm open to other suggestions.

Some other photos, just because.

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