Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lost in the boonies

I took the scenic route to Red Deer today. At least that was the plan. The scenic was mostly hiding in the clouds and mist. Sort of like this.

Along the way, about in the middle of being lost, I found this bridge. It really is this ghastly pink. I only took the photo to show other people, and because of the bent up sign. It wouldn't be interesting otherwise.

In any case, much to the disappointment of some of you, I got unlost eventually. The map on the phone worked, sort of. It showed a blue dot, but Mrs Google didn't believe I was on a road. It was paved. I hadn't intended to actually go through Sundre. The road north from there is still shite.

The wine is acquired, and the first kit is started. A Vermentino, if you believe that name.

Linda's garden is starting to explode. We aren't sure if this is a daffodil, or a hyacinth, maybe. Possibly an Allium Giganticus.

Plus I had some nice comments about the abstract, thank you! I'll be doing some more of them.

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