Thursday, July 3, 2014

The big hot sweaty run

Sometimes I think that being on vacation is harder than working. At work I just stand there, and think of clever things to say in SQL, then even cleverer text to explain the whole thing. I even thought of a meme for the Most Interesting Man -- I don't always write SQL statements, but when I do, they begin with 'with'. (Yukyukyuk, yeah I know. I think two of my readers get the joke. If you do, please comment so I know who you are.) But on vacation who knows what I'll get up to?

Tuesday I should have turned on Runmeter for our Canada Day walk. It was a long one. Really long, in a fairly hot sunny day. Then a long wait for the fireworks, just about freezing my tail off. When we were planning the day, I forgot how cool it was likely to get. It was lots of fun. Here's the selfie, and some of the nice bikes parked at Village Ice Cream.

Wednesday we slept in, big surprise. I had some stuff downtown to do, doing the things that a spooked herd member needs to do. All that went very well.

Today Linda was setting up for some buddies to drop by, so after a short swim and a long water run with the champ Katie, we got all ready. It was smoking hot out, bright and sunny. While getting set up I decided I hadn't been out for a good hot run in a long time.

It used to be, once upon a time, that I could barely walk in the hot weather. Then I started doing this fitness thing, and got better at dealing with the heat. So today is high 20's, and I wanted to run. I wanted to get hot and sweaty. So I did. No expectations about time or pace, just out for a run. It ended up behind a bit more overcame and more humid than hot. Humid for Calgary guys, work with me here.

I felt comfortable and strong, running just sub 7 minute K's. That lasted till I started coming up out of Fish Creek. I'd sort of thought it would be cool and shady down there, but no. There were lots of hot and humid spots. I started slowing down a bit, and walked up part of the hill. Even after the top of the hill I wasn't settling down into a run again. I could feel the heat and my legs were starting to get a bit tired. Rather than push it, I took what I'd done, about 6.5 K in 45 minutes, and was really pleased.

Stretched after, and settled in on the patio to write and generally relax. This part of vacation is good.


  1. Sounds like you're having a busy holiday. Glad to hear you got out for a run AND you're finding time to write!!!

    I didn't get the joke :(

    1. And I've just now woke up form a nap! Wonderful. Now it's bright and sunny again. If I was a real ironchode I'd get on my bike now, but I have a ride tomorrow morning, instead of stampede.
      It's a pretty subtle joke. Let's see if anyone else gets it, and if necessary I'll explain tomorrow.

  2. select star from meme
    where meme like '%most interesting man%';


    1. Yes! That would be a very long result set.

  3. Great photo with Linda! SQL "with" is over my head!


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