Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Slowest flip turns ever

So I ran again Tuesday evening, another 2 K, just a hair under 16 minutes. Again I don't believe the Runmeter graph lines, though these are somewhat more believable. My neighborhood just isn't that hilly. Even though it was about 30 C, I was running easily for a bit, not even working up a sweat, then noticed I was limping on my right leg. No pain, just a bit of unevenness. I decided I didn't need to push it. Came home and stretched.

In all my knee and leg are feeling better, and now it's my low back that feels really stiff and slow. I think that's progress. I hope so. I'm sure missing my weekly yoga class. Somehow it's not the same doing it myself.

I can't talk much about the situation at work. It's getting interesting. There's a phrase involving smoke and a sensitive portion of anatomy, that is common in the industry here. My friends know what I'm talking about. It happened big time today. In addition, we got mentioned in the papers. Not in a good way. Sigh.

That was after a lovely water run with my buddy Katie, then she headed out to deal with stuff. I stuck around for a swim, with a 50 m lane all to myself. The swim felt fine, but the flip turns were abysmal. My back and hips don't want to bend. If I hadn't frantically used my hands to help get around, I probably be there still.

Here's some pretty flowers from our garden, and one grumpy cat that wanted to join us outside. He is learning to have his teeth brushed. So far I haven't lost any skin or fingers. He's such a good kitty.

Plus it's been days since any comments. I'm dying here guys. I love comments. Hint, hint.


  1. Sorry the swim didn't feel great, Keith, and hope things settle down at work a bit. LOVE the flower photos and really hope I get to meet that kitty someday. He looks like a total sweetie. See you soon!

    1. You bet! We are counting the days. We aren't going to bring him along, so you'll have to come to Calgary to meet him. Doesn't everyone want to visit Calgary sooner or later?

  2. Hi! I found your blog through SUAR! I am a lurker on most sites but wanted to respond to the open call for comments. Your blog is inspiring and so is your story! May God bless you and keep it up!!!

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting! I know I get lots of people here from SUAR's blog, but you're one of the first to say hi. Glad you enjoy it. (Don't be shy, people, I don't bite.)


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