Monday, June 30, 2014

Estela is happy, but my legs are weenies

Sunday, no workout for me. Watched other people working out big time, particularly my buddy Katie doing IMCDA. It was a tough windy day, and I only saw her a few seconds at the finish line. I hope she was happy with her day, but I didn't see her turning cartwheels or anything. I wasn't impressed with the video coverage.

Then there was the dog meeting. Ostensibly it's a book club meeting, but there were more dogs than people. Greyhounds in particular. They contributed nothing to the book conversation, and were bullies about converting the conversation to be about them. It was amusing, especially one particularly pungent comment. The next book is WTF to OMG by my buddy Jenna Sparks.

There was some wine whipping in the evening, along with some stretching and core. There was some patio sitting as well along the way. Linda is getting more plants.

Today I was getting a pump from this great hardware store in Okotoks. I still need to get an adaptor, but holy cow are some of the parts cheap! I think they're foamed aluminum, or plastic, poorly painted. I hope the pump actually works. Linda got yet more plants. They look very nice, but I'm beginning to wonder what the tax treatment is for greenhouses and plant nurseries.

Afterward went for a coffee with a buddy. Scoped out the Road to Nepal on the way home, seeing several cyclists along the way. This led me to looking at Estela, still trapped on the spin trainer, which I haven't been on in months. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was outside on my bike. She was so sad. So that's what I was going to do in the afternoon. For some reason there is only one tire iron. No idea where the other is. No doubt the cats have hidden it after doing unspeakable things to it. No issues getting the road tire on, which I took to be a good omen.

From there I was out. The idea was a nice easy ride around the neighbourhood to see if I could remember how to ride a bike. So far so good. It was a lovely ride, nice and easy, only got nearly run over once. Only a short little ride, covering hardly any distance, and no hills to speak of. This used to be barely a warmup. Now, my legs were knackered or nearly so at the end of it. Stretched out.

Even so, I've been invited on a 35 K ride on Friday. I think I'll try it, though I'll have to warn my buddies there might be some whining on the way back. And I think I'll be a total weenie about the draft.

The new grass is growing like gangbusters. I got a full big garbage bag of clippings. I had to cut it down to size using the weed whacker, then rake and rake and rake. Then relaxing. Look, there is a weed whacker hiding in the grass, see it?

For once in my life we are planning Canada Day stuff. No idea quite what yet, or where, but that's the idea. Probably downtown somewhere. And you? What are you doing Canada Day?

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  1. My plans for Canada got all messed up. Spent a good part of the morning weeping, then went for a short run. Turns out grief is exhausting. I only managed 4.5k. Home then to scoop up Ranee and take her to the country, where she is safely stowed in the freezer until Husband is home and we can bury her together. Spent time on the deck holding her in my lap, talking to her. More tears, of course. Long, sad day. Don't think I'll have energy for fireworks.


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