Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Well, Stampede, again

Today was Stampede day for me. For some people, this is a week long series of events, one after the other. Exhaustion is the most benign outcome. Other less desirable outcomes include divorce, social diseases of various kinds, and a liver that is deeply unhappy with you.

For me, being a staid old stick, I'm not sure I even know how to go about getting into trouble at Stampede, or any other time. So today I hit my Stampede quota for breakfasts and lunches. One of each. Both put on by the companies I'm currently contracting through, or have contracted through in the past. Both well attended, both with the expected foods, though the lunch was much better than expected. It wasn't BBQ beef on a bun, much to my surprise. Of course the music was too loud, but that's to be expected.

My boss that had recently been fired showed up to both, and it was nice chatting and getting caught up. She is well along in the process of landing on her feet. Us worker bees are still in limbo, but it isn't really bothering any of us. We all know what to expect, and are making our plans. This is part of contracting life.

The workout life has been nonexistent since the Sunday not-ride. No swim. Too busy or too hot to run. And, well, my leg is giving me hell since then. I think trying to run would be a bad idea. Yes, I have an appointment made with Dr. D for next week. Can't wait. Unless he pulls out some voodoo out of my butt and it's good as new, I've come to the reluctant conclusion I'm not going to be running the MEC marathon in the fall. 4 months of training is not enough, starting where I am. I've no need to suffer through it to say I've done it. I'd much rather be properly trained. If he gets me fixed up I might be ready to go for next year's Stampede Road race.

The link splitter thingie tool I bought the other day works like a charm. I hadn't quite meant to actually take the chain off right then, but I'm washing it again anyways. I think this time I'll clean the whole bike, properly, rather than just a swipe and dab at the chain.

I love lilies. They are such happy colours. This is the first lily to bloom. This one is such a pretty yellow. I'm looking forward to the orange ones.

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