Thursday, July 17, 2014

The long weekend to-do list

Friday is a vacation day for me, even if it does start with a dental appointment. But I love my hygienist and her magic fingers.

Much as I would like to sit and veg all weekend, there are THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE. Herewith a list for your amusement. At the end of the weekend I will tot up the score. That ought to be even more amusing.

In no particular order:

  • Fix a few stain dribbles on the lodge floor where I got sloppy.
  • Finish the first exterior coat. (Weather dependent.)
  • Start and finish the second coat. (Weather dependent.)
  • Start and finish the clear coat. (Weather dependent.)
  • Test some of the clear coat on the fence to see how it looks.
  • Tidy my desk. I emptied my work pack, and it's all on the desk, and none of it goes back to work.
  • Start on my year end paperwork for my company. Completion will be nice, but starting is acceptable.
  • Clean and store a bunch of wine bottles. Some need bleaching.
  • Bottle the one wine kit that looks ready to go.
  • Run with a buddy. Gently.

I think that's enough, don't you? Plus this is all in addition to important things like making and drinking coffee, paying attention to cats, giving medicine to a cat which is getting to be more of a struggle every time, getting ready for work next week since they haven't told me to not come back. Plus I'm sure that the chicken in the marinade in the fridge will be on the BBQ sooner or later.

How many of you want in progress photos of the above activities? You must leave a comment to get photos. Or contact me on twitter.

Which reminds me, the Facebook withdrawal is going well. I'm on for a hasty scroll, (semi) witty comments where I deem necessary, then on to other things.


  1. You're giving up FB? I must have missed that blog post! I haven't been 'on' FB for over a year (go in every couple of weeks for a scroll or if I get a personal message.

    Good luck with the weekend chores (the list looks incredibly long). I look forward to the tally on Monday! Nice to see you're going to attempt a run!

    1. I've gone an entire day without FB, but I'm mostly trying to get it down to a few minutes, once a day. I've started the list already...


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