Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I had hoped for less pain

Last you heard I had X-Rays in hand, waiting to see Dr. M again. The news wasn't all bad, but it wasn't all good either. At least there is no nerve impingement so we can work on the muscles. ART on one of the specific quads cranky from water running of all things, and that muscle in my butt. There wasn't even much crickle-crackle after, which is a relief. What I did learn is that I've got some arthritis in my very low back. That's a bit unnerving for a young guy like me.

The water run was just over 30 minutes, not thinking I was going too hard. Then walking out to the parking lot I could feel it getting cranky, and it got progressively worse all day. Even today it isn't much happier, so I bailed on an evening run. Its not a stabbing or pulling pain, but I have to think about walking. My whole leg feels very unstable, and there's a few times my knee sort of flopped on me. It's not a scream in agony kind of pain, more a suck in the breath kind of pain. Not fun.

Walking into the City Hall parkade yesterday I noticed these huge day lilies blooming away, and was wondering about ours. When I checked on them this morning, they aren't as tall, but there's a few really beautiful blooms.

Instead of the run I went out and put another layer of stain on one side of the lodge this evening. Can you tell when one? That was 2 hours of bending and stretching. Oddly enough, my quad feels better after this. Maybe a good night's sleep will help.


  1. Finally, a full outside picture of the lodge (at least I don't remember seeing one before this). It looks awesome! Will that be an all-season lodge?

    And did I miss something with the x-ray? Or is it because I'm not on Twitter? So is the quad just a muscle injury? The water running and walking sound like they're not so good for the cranky leg - does the bike work? Whatever you do, take it easy and get it fixed up :)

    1. There have been a few photos of the lodge and renewed revitalized replaced back yard, but you may have missed them while you were distracted with other issues. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to go back to the beginning of the blog and read forward. :-) Actually going back a week or two will do it to see nice pics of inside.

      It is an all season lodge. There are air intakes for a little grill inside.

      There's a bit of the story happening on Twitter, but probably not worth joining just for that. I'm thinking that somewhere between my shoulders and toes there is an injury that is manifesting in the quads and hip area. Bike is worst of all, a half hour ride on 22X triggered this latest set of issues. Water running on Monday felt twingy and then quad hurt after. Maybe I should try to run, that's one thing that hasn't actually hurt much.

  2. Sorry to hear you hurt so much. I hadn't realized it was that bad. Hopefully it's just your body's way of working things out now that Dr. D is finding the right spots to torture... I mean "treat!"


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