Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cleared! Dry!

Good news! I'm cleared to run, very easy. Not too long/far. So tomorrow I'll try a couple K and see how that feels. My right quad feels like someone glued a giant hot water bottle to it, and every now and then it simply didn't work. This makes walking difficult. It got gradually better today, and the pummeling of the muscles behind my hip bones really helped.

I've been out working on the second coat of stain on the lodge the last several evenings. I never cease to be amazed how much stain some of the wood is sucking up. You'd think the end grain was getting drunk on it, theres so much stain being sucked up. Much of it has 3 coats now, and still looks thin. Dry climate, dry wood. One advantage is that things dry out quick.

Work. Well, work is a giant Charlie Foxtrot. I'm still on hold.

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