Saturday, July 26, 2014


Stained Thursday after work till dark.
Stained Friday, then volunteered.
Stained Saturday, then volunteered.

At last the entire lodge is done the second coat. Painting is all very philosophical and all, but this is getting old. At least Ive got the knack of it now, and it's turning out pretty good. My shoulders are killing me.

So Friday I bailed on work and waved a paint brush all day. In the evening I went to the Calgary 70.3 to help set up bike racks. Home, bed, exhausted, poor night of sleep. No time to run.

Saturday I had an easy wake up, then finished the last wall, and did a bit of touchup here and there. There wasn't time to run, not even a short one, before heading out to T1 again.

This is the important part. I stood in the hot sun for the better part of 5 hours, and didn't get a sun burn. SPF 100 forever! Or expire from heat stroke. This is amazing. I loved chatting with the athletes as they checked into T1 with their bikes. It's a cornucopia of bike porn, so many sleek and sexy bikes. I wanted to show off Estela, since she can certainly hold her own in that company.

Some people go to these events, and it seems they are a non-stop social club, running into people they know every few minutes. Not me. Not today. There 5 hours, only saw one person I know (Hello Sara Gross, hope you have a great race!) and missed a couple of my buddies (Go Sue and Mike!). No doubt they were organized and got there early.

Tomorrow I'm going to run first thing. For sure. I promise. Just a bit. Right after #coffeechat, if Im awake. Then there's a bit of experimenting with the final clear coat of the stain. It should be good for the lodge and cedar fence. Should bottle some wine and finish off that season. There are no doubt other things on my to-do list, but I don't want to think about it.

Here's a photos photos, just to amuse you. It should be clear what's what.

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