Sunday, July 6, 2014

Slow, one-legged, granny-gear attempt to ride

Many of you missed yesterday's post, with the photo of the completely inappropriate tool used on poor Estela.

After yesterday's wonderful run and the great bike out to Chestermere the day before, I was keen to get out for my first road ride this year. Let me count the ways it failed.

  • Only my left leg was working, really.
  • The right knee was being pissy and weenie, not doing any of the work.
  • Flats and downhill are ok, but there is no strength for uphill. Even the left leg isn't feeling strong.
  • I was in granny gear most of the ride. For today's route, I'd normally be in the big ring and the second biggest cog at the least. Not even close.
  • I'd been hoping for 50 K, and thought I might turn around at 22 and 22X, which would be about 40K or so. I actually turned around at the Red Deer Community Church. As regular riders in that area know people parking at 22X and 37 St are just getting up to speed when they pass the church. I decided going any further would be risking actual injury to my knee. Been there, done that. Hope I haven't done it again. 
  • 17.5 K in 48 minutes. (Hides face in hands.)

Today is the last day of vacation. It's gone by pretty quickly. I'm going to miss sitting out on the patio, drinking an iced coffee at lunchtime. Any time, really. The rest of the day will be puttering around doing house things. Maybe some gentle stretching for my knee.


  1. This is definitely not unicorn poop material! We all have bad days. You did so well for 35K on Friday. Maybe it was the hills? Maybe it will just take a few more outings to build strength. Maybe a certain chiro can help...?

    1. I think the hills for sure, and going a little faster. Wind resistance goes up fast as speed increases. I will be calling the famous Dr. D.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't have a great ride. I do love the name of your bike though-my bike is named Sweet Caroline.


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