Thursday, September 13, 2012

Unbelievable run numbers!

Look at these!

Run Time: 33:42
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 6.21 km
Average: 5:25 /km
Fastest Pace: 3:25 /km
Ascent: 9 metres
Descent: 11 metres

With splits:
Kilometre 1 - Average 6:00 /km
Kilometre 2 - Average 5:25 /km
Kilometre 3 - Average 5:12 /km
Kilometre 4 - Average 4:24 /km
Kilometre 5 - Average 5:25 /km
Kilometre 6 - Average 6:09 /km

Isn't that amazing??!! Come on, cheer it up, I've been wanting to put up numbers like this since I started running.

Wait. That time for the 4th K, that works out to just over a 7 minute mile.  That fastest pace 3:25 /Km is a 5:30 mile. I don't think I could run that fast even with a bear chasing me. Even that first K, I consider anything faster than a 6 minute K (9:39 mile) to be verging on race pace, and I took it easy to get my heavy feeling legs happy about running.

Something is wrong. In fact, I knew it was wrong listening to the 2 K announcement of pace and time. It came sooner than I thought it would, and it was much faster than I thought it would be. I knew I was having a good run, but this wasn't right.

I didn't worry about it, I just ran, and during "5K" it started falling apart, so when "5K" came I slowed down and ran very easy for a K to start cooling down, then walked home.

The run time of 33:42 I believe. But not the distance. As soon as I was home I looked at the map. The blue line is what RunMeter thought I ran, and though it's a bit harder to see, the yellow line with red dots is what I actually ran. That turns out to be pretty close to 5K, though I wasn't paying attention exactly because I figured RunMeter had it taped. I guess not.

You can see the blue line is all over the place, and rest assured, I didn't run that. I'm not sure why the blue line is all over the place. The elevation graph is whacked too. I guess the GPS world is pissy tonight.

Needless to say, I'm still pretty pleased with this run. The first and last K were slow, but the middle 3 felt fast and light. I could believe those were near or even slightly under 6:00/Km. Doing 5K in 33 is much closer to my real training times, and so, sad to say, I can't report a huge increase in my run speed. Maybe next week.

In other news, gave away some of my nearly perfect blood, while chatting about yoga with the person doing the needlework. Then suffered through a very smelly LRT ride home. If I'd have known it would be that bad, I'd have planned better and run home.

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