Sunday, September 23, 2012


Friday we visited a trade show and came home with a box and two appointments scheduled.

There were several things BBQd on a quiet Saturday, but I ended up eating the bison burger. Of course there is a glass of wine in the background.

And then dessert! This what it looked like at the start.

Part way through I had to stop and savour being in heaven. Total chocolaty heaven. Oreo crumb base. Then a crunchy layer, that had a bit of coconut in it. Then a delightful mousse, light and fluffy and melt in your mouth and not too sweet. Probably just about the best I've ever had. Then a poured dark chocolate layer, with some shavings on top. Oh, and a raspberry. Just amazing.

Sunday was a nice ride on the bike. My legs felt strong. Did some moderate pace spin, trying to work a bit of speed and strength, while watching the first episode of Sherlock. I'm hooked.

Cleaning wine bottles can be very soothing when you're in the mood, and I was. I'd bleached a bunch of them just a bit too long, and that takes almost as much scrubbing to get it off. Massage, with Janice! She's back. And another Sherlock episode.

All in all a very nice weekend.


  1. Oh, that chocolate looks good. I want a vitamix; just can't bring myself to spend the money when I already have about 368 kitchen gadgets. I'll be curious to know how you like it.

  2. That burger and the chocolate dessert looks AMAZING! I'm literally drooling right now.

  3. That chocolate WAS good! All worship Yum Bakery. if we have anything fun and interesting come out of the vita mix I'll blog it. With photos even.

  4. And well you should. Tell me when you come to Calgary and I'll take you there.


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