Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Purple shoes and related blither

Lately some of my blog buddies have been writing about shoes. It started with AKA Alice bemoaning her child's statement "They're just shoes, Mom." Clearly this was not her daughter. Hmm, that conversation was actually not in a blog. And Seriously posted a photo of shoes that got her all, well let's not go into that.

Last week I had lunch with a former office roomie, who among other things was telling me about the tribulations of trying to save money and not buying shoes. I felt her pain, because I learned how important shoes are to her. Our office had a frosted glass panel in the middle, with clear glass above and below. While seated, she could see the shoes of the people coming, and could say hello to them by name, every time for the women, unless the shoes were new. In which case there was an introduction that had to include when purchased, where, on sale, how discovered, how they felt, who made by if it wasn't obvious. I was impressed.

I don't "get" shoes, despite owning more now than at any other time of my life. I mean, my goodness: 1 pair dress shoes at work, 1 pair to get back and forth to work and light hiking/walking, 1 pair running shoes, 1 one old pair running shoes that are used as outdoor slippers, 1 pair indoor slippers, 1 pair bike shoes, 1 pair sandals, are the ones in regular rotation now. Add in a pair of winter boots, a couple old pairs of running shoes that I'm not sure why I'm keeping them around, an old pair of walking/hiking shoes to mow the lawn in or other dirty outdoor stuff, and a pair of steel toed boots I haven't worn in years. And I think that's it. I do fully realize that by the standards of any self-respecting females, this is pitiful.

So in that spirit. When we were in Milan a few years back, I got a photo of this pair of shoes that got one particular buddy of mine all excited, and it will probably make her day again. Three guesses who likes purple, and the first two don't count.

At the time I hadn't noticed a reflection of me in the shot. Perhaps you can tell that I'm wearing a yellow wind shell. There was a student march taking place through the streets, and all the expensive clothing stores had these large, extremely well dressed men lurking near the doors. Large men. Much larger than me. Wearing suits more expensive than I would ever contemplate buying.

I was interested in going in to one shop, a) to get out of the rain; b) to avoid the student march; c) to look at one really nice suit, and d) to get a price on a really nice dress that would have really suited a co-worker of mine at the time. It lead to the funniest thing that was said to me the entire trip. "If sir will wear a coat of that color in public, there is nothing in this establishment that will be of interest to him." I've never been thrown out of anywhere so exquisitely. Which is why Becky didn't get that dress; the fact it cost €700 had nothing at all to do with it.

The pool wasn't so exquisite this morning. They've been doing some work on it I guess, and it was very hazy. Murky even. Normally you can see 50 m crystal clear, but today two body lengths was about it. Shared a lane with a few other guys and had to hustle to keep up. 30 minutes.

Strong bike at home this afternoon. 1 hour. Good solid building warmup. 5 minutes at 180 watts. Easy spin. 8 minutes at just over 200, then easy spin. 3 minutes at 215 watts then up to 225, easy spin. All these were at a nice steady aerobic heart rate or easier, though I was breathing a bit hard at 225. Then 3 minutes at 250 watts. That pushed my heart rate up to the top of aerobic, but my breathing was really hard. Cooled down after, and stretched.


  1. despite the fact they are likely made of leather i still drool over those shoes...i'm sure i could find somewhere to wear them too. like the grocery store. one always must look their best no matter where they go!! hmmm, wonder if they have them in 'vegan'? :)

  2. Probably leather. Maybe made by Italian crafts people obsessing over every stitch, or possibly by slave labour in China.

  3. Ahhh mah gaaaahd. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Those are amazing! Murky pool, not so amazing. But the shoes are lovely! And... wow to the guys that mocked your yellow jacket. Bastards.

    Honestly, Keith, if you ever get the chance, take a walk through Holt Renfrew in downtown Van. Even a man would HAVE to get excited at some of those shoes, no?

    The thing with great shoes is that they will fit no matter how much weight I gain or lose, and one single pair of shoes can make me feel so much more put together/stylish/sex-ay.

    I wish the Hubs liked shoes. He doesn't care one bit. And I think he has even less pairs than you, my friend! :)

  4. Apparently, I have a defficiency. Hi, I'm Leauxra, and I have fewer pairs of shoes than Keith. Please don't mock me. :) In my defense, I cannot wear heals... I am already too tall. Also, I am clumsy. And also, I like my ankles. And back. And I really need some bike shoes now that I am putting on the miles.

  5. I have a pair of these and love love love them. They are light and let my feet breathe very well.

  6. There is a Holt's here in Calgary, just a couple blocks from my current office. Will that do, or is there something magical and more hip and Kultured with the Van store?

  7. Fewer shoes??!! Shock!! Nobody is too tall. One of my favorite dancing partners is 6 foot in her stockings and likes to wear 3 inch heels dancing. With her hair up. Makes me pay attention to form. Bike shoes are good, as long as you have the clip in and out sussed out before getting on the bike. First time trying to clip out I thought I was going to break my ankle.

  8. OK, let me think... my daily shoes (dark sneakers I can get away with at work with slacks), a pair of fancy shoes, two hiking boots, two toe shoes, regular running shoes, winter boots... do ski boots count? ...and... that's it. I either wear out shoes completely, or realize I'm not wearing them and donate. I hate clutter.

    This is why I have no clothes. I lost 25 lbs in the last three months, and I'd already gotten rid of everything that was too small.

  9. Nope. Well... actually... I have no idea. But I didn't realize there was a Holt's in Calgary. :) For some reason I only thought there was a store in Vancouver and maybe Taranta.

    Trust me, I am not hip. At all.




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