Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crickle crackle backle snackle

My massage therapist really worked me over on Tuesday. I wasn't up for much of anything Tuesday evening, though I did pack my swim bag. But I didn't swim this morning. I was a asleep like a rock, and it took a while to get going.

Even during the day I was out of it. At one point I was going out for a walk at lunch and I'm standing around in the floor lobby, wondering why an elevator was taking so long. I hadn't pressed the button.

Yoga was nice, though the flow was long and hard for me. I could feel my mobility getting better throughout. At one point in the evening we were doing eagle stuff while lying on our backs. At first I could barely tuck one elbow inside the other. Then I breathed and relaxed, and there was a whole series of snickle snackles from by back, and suddenly my arms were a whole lot more mobile. I even manage to tuck my toes behind my calf, which I haven't been able to do for a great many years. There has been a big improvement in my back mobility in the last few days. Maybe I was slightly premature in putting on the trainer tire.

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