Monday, September 3, 2012

The top layer of gunge

For a while one of my rituals of spring was to hose and brush off the house siding, and do the windows. Then a few years back we had a big hailstorm and had the shingles, siding, evestroughs, fascia, and some windows replaced. The following spring it still looked pretty clean so I didn't clean it. Then I didn't, and didn't. It was pretty grotty. I finally bought a pressure washer and sprayed off the top couple layers.

There was a layer of actual dust billowing off. Then some dirt, more in some places than others. Then there was a light gray or white layer that really had to be blasted. I'm sure it's not particularly even so I'll probably have to go over it again, but it looks better than it did. The siding looks blue again.

While doing this I discovered some bits of siding that are not as well attached as I'd like them to be for winter. Another task on my list, this one involving ladders. Maybe I've been watching too many fail videos lately, but I'm getting a bit more nervous about ladders in general. Perhaps I'm just more aware of my body's dwindling ability to heal itself.

The other task, the more fun one, was bottling a Nebbiolo. It's very tasty right out of the carboy. One more kit to go.

Somehow, a four day weekend is gone. Poof! That's the last of my four day weekends for now. I could very much get used to a four day weekend.

I'm in progress writing up my thoughts on The China Study. The current book is The City & The City, by China Mieville. So far it's a straightforward police procedural, with no strangeness like his other books.

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