Tuesday, September 18, 2012

chicken with crusty mustard marinade

Well, the marinade was not crusty till it was baked, or at least I assume so. I saw the meat marinade container in the fridge this morning as I packed for work while it was completely dark out, and just assumed I'd be doing BBQ tonight. But no, the minute I walked in the door there was baked chicken with that wonderful sauce, on rice, with corn on the side, and a gentle white wine (pun intended) to wash it down.

Work gave us a pedometer last week. Next week we're supposed to track our steps, aiming for 10,000 a day. I'm about 6000 not counting workouts, not counting walking around the house after I take off my work pants, and not making any other changes to my routine. They say there is a way to account for workouts, so I'll wait and see. There are some good prizes.

Sushi for me is almost always an evening thing, but today I had lunch with a former office roomie. She chose a sushi place because it's good, they make each order as it comes rather than prepare a bunch in advance, the service is fast, and she's on the clock. They pay attention to her arrival, departure, and lunch times. I wouldn't put up with that myself. The sushi was really good, and it was nice to get caught up.

I waited just over an hour to go for a run, and started easy. The 4th K was the fast one, then easy. Just over 30 minutes, with some walk to cool down and stretching after. It was a bit weird running so soon after eating. How long do you wait to run after eating a meal?

One of the blogs I read had some pictures of Risser's beach, and then a couple of Hirtle's beach, just because I asked. Which had me going back through my own pictures of Hirtles. The first is a Snapseed dress up preview of what's going on Facebook cover in a few minutes. The other is a nice one with lots of wave action.

Run meter stuff now. Look at that time for 4 K! Woo hoo! Considering my legs felt kind of heavy and clumsy, I'm pretty darn pleased.


  1. We're doing a walking challenge at work in October with a pedometer, teams of 4 aiming for the equivalent of 275 km over 4 weeks. My team is going to win! :)

  2. Nice pics, Keith. Glad you enjoyed mine as well.

  3. Wow - you totally kicked @$$ on Kilometre 4! And who's the speedier one now...??? ;)

  4. No doubt it will. I'm not so sure I trust the pedometer step count, but as long as it's consistent. I should try it when I'm running to see what it comes up with.

  5. I've got a ton of Hirtle's photos, and will gradually be Snapseeding some of them for Facebook cover pages. The little beach in Bermuda not far from where we will be staying is nice, but it's maybe 100 m long. Not so much fun for running back and forth.

  6. Well, that one K was speedy, gasping and wheezing toward the end of it. Then the HUGE spike in time after? Yeah, speedy there. The run home from work today is planned to be steady and easy. Lets see what Runmeter thinks of the Sandy Beach hill.


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