Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bedstead Hill of Death

Run and yoga.
For a while I've been meaning to run, or try to run up the hill at the very west end of Fish Creek park, the trail that leads south of the river, and up. Look way up. Here's the intro sign.

The sign is not kidding. You can see the hill heading up, and it gets steeper. I've no idea what the grade is, but I certainly would not attempt to ride even my hybrid bike up it. Or down it for that matter. The bedsteads are at the top of the hill, in an effort to prevent people from riding down all unknowing. That would be a very scary ride.

I wanted to see what runmeter thought of the hill, and you can see the sawtooth bit in the middle. I'd have thought it would be much higher. Maybe I need to spend a bit longer at the top and give the GPS time to register. I ran from just before the sign up to touch the bedstead, and walked back down.

This is really the first time I've ever run hills. By the 4th time my legs were getting all trembly, and my breathing was distinctly an issue. I wasn't into the retaste zone, but I figured that another up would do it. I'll probably try that one again sometime. Here's the actual map.

First yoga class of the season. Fiona still has it. She said it was a nice intro session to get us warmed up. Yeah. Sure. If you say so. She has a knack for knowing what I need. Something changed part way through class, though I'm not sure if it was a good change or not. At least it wasn't something internally loud. I should know in the morning.


  1. ahhh I know that hill!! I've ridden up it, but it was really scary and we took some speed into it although that was tough because of the sharp corner just before it. Wicked!!

  2. You're a brave man, Keith. I love the "retaste zone". Took me a minute (but then again, most things do.)

    I'm hoping to start WALKING the steep hills around our place in BC. Should be great for the glutes!!

  3. "all trembly" -- lol, you crack me up Keith. So awesome.

  4. Ack. What are you in Colorado? They make them steep here, too. I am constantly amazed when I see people jogging up the trails around here while I huff and puff along trying to walk 2mph. One of these days, I'll manage it.

  5. Start with walking. Then you'll be running them in no time. I'm reliably told that trail running in BC is awesome. And snowshoeing. I'm looking forward to a snowshoe trip to north van in December. I haven't been to Whistler since the late 70's.

  6. You of course, would run them much faster, much longer, and look much better doing so. Let me know next time you're in Calgary and you can try. After two laps of Road to Nepal, of course.

  7. Calgary is much like Colorado (but nicer, he whispered) in places. There is a photo on SUAR's blog that is a dead ringer for a road just south of here.


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