Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ugg. Bleah. Argh. Mostly photos.

Here is the whole article with the recipes. You'll have to enbiggen them to be able to read them.

I slept very badly last night. Not sure why. I sure didn't feel like doing a spin session, or go for run, or even do the spin AND a run. Linda had wanted to go up to Cross Iron Mills to check out a particular store. I had never been there at all. At least I don't think I have been, and nothing I saw today was familiar. Yet my memory is suspect, and Linda is pretty sure I've been there.

These sculptures are by my friend Jeff de Boer. Let's just say there's a bit of a western theme to the mall. All 1.4 million square feet of it, which is about the same size as Chinook Mall. It just seems bigger because it's all on one floor.

I really liked this clock. The workings are visible and and you can see them move. I have a short movie I can post if anyone requests it.

Overall, I see no compelling reason to go back.

Now I'm off for a house errand involving plumbing. Let's hope this goes well...

Update. No leaks and successful flushes mean I saved over $150. The company fixing the fan exhaust from the guest bathroom (for what I think is a reasonable price), also gave us a quote for replacing toilet innards. Once I found out what the parts cost, and watched a video, I was astonished at their quote. Even considering  my time at the rate I bill out to Talisman, I still saved money. Yay me!


  1. I really loved that magazine issue, esp for the recipes. I haven't seen one with such fantastic recipes since!

    I agree, CrossIron Mills not really quite that exciting. Even the play area isn't as good as Market Mall's. Altho Kris goes there pretty regularly for the burgers from South St. Burger Company, he loves them.

  2. Is that the place near the humongous sporting good store, boats and all? It smelled pretty good as I was going past. But I think I'm over malls as a destination, unless there is a particular store where I need to get something. I forgot to mention I did buy something at the mall, a nose clip for swimming.

  3. So...the Ugg, bleah, argh is because you went in a mall. Right? I'll be honest, I've really never seen a hockey store. A whole store devoted to hockey? I guess there are lots of different kinds of pucks? Fascinating.

    I think the posting problem I had the other day happened when was posting a comment on my iPhone...I don't know if that helps troubleshoot or not. I'm on a regular ole computer now.

    Also... I did go in the water. Up to my knees.

  4. "Enbiggen" is my new favourite word. :)

    Never been to thanks for those pics!

    You are such a plumber!!! I am going to tackle my leaky faucet. I googled it and I can totally handle this! Plus, I like saving $$$.

  5. I was actually feeling kind of ugh. slept badly and never really got into it. I didn't go into the hockey store, but I'm not surprised. It's everything to do with hockey. Hadn't thought of the iPhone posting issue. I know blogger doesn't like iPads. Glad to hear you were in the water.

  6. I don't know if I'm "such a plumber!!!" but now that it hasn't leaked in almost 24 hours, I'm prepared to call it good. Leaky faucet is no problemo. Why isn't Mike doing this? Everybody likes saving money.


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