Monday, January 2, 2012

Things can only get better from here, right?

Even though I was tempted to have a drink for a buddy who couldn't drink on New Year's Eve, I went to bed early. Short weekend and all. I'm not sure why, but my left hip flexor and some associated muscles have been really tight just recently.

On Sunday I was trying an easy spin to see if I could get them to relax. Not. My legs felt like wood, and I called it after only 45 minutes. Stretched a little bit before and a bit more after, but it didn't do much form me.

Monday I was in the pool again, with the lifeguards messing with my head about which pool was open for how long. I was really creaky and sore. My whole left side was unhappy about walking, and feeling the same about swimming. Clunky and cranky, out of breath, and little water feel at all. Some kick, pull, finger tip drag, fist, backstroke. Some struggle, flail, and thrash to go along with it.

At work I was trying not to just sit all day. I was looking forward to the desk drop races (I'd figured out a killer handicap) but no, not today. Maybe first thing tomorrow.

By the time the day was over I was feeling much less creaky and did a good stretch and twist session. My hips are still tight.

Bed early tonight. Things will be better tomorrow.


  1. Happy New Year Keith! Hey, I just sent you a facebook message. I think Shannon's email and facebook account has been hijacked. I was chatting with the perp this morning on facebook. I frigging KNEW something was off. I told the person posing as "Shannon" that I was sent one of those scam emails this morning about how he is in Birmingham, UK and needs 800 British pounds. Ban, the conversation stopped right there.

    Here is the last thing I wrote:

    Who is this?
    You hijacked my friend's email and facebook account?
    I hope you get caught, asshole.

    LOL. Can you give Shannon a phone call and let him know about this? I left a comment on his blog too...

  2. By the way, I meant to type: BAM! Not Ban. Frick. lol.

  3. Shannon knows. I hate the autocorrect. Still waiting for you latest vlog. You do have fans, you know... I was having problems with Facebook messages at work. It kept trying to show me an old one. Very confusing. Plus network problems at work. One day the internet will stop working for good, and either we'll all die of being disconnected, or most of us will get a life again.


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