Monday, January 16, 2012

Here, this will make most of you feel better

See? -30 C is -22 F, in case you were wondering.
No, I didn't run tonight, though I walked briskly to check out my neighbour's house while they are away.

Normally when I swim in the morning, I don't put on socks, and wear my suit underneath my pants. Typically I don't even button up all the buttons. I figure why waste time in the locker room? I was regretting the no socks thing this morning. Briefly. Not many other people were there so I got a spot close to the door.

The hard part is walking into a warm moist environment after being out in a very cold, bone dry environment. My glasses instantly ice over. Days like this I regret not having the laser surgery. Pity I can't even read about it without scrunching into a little ball of fear.

Though it's not as bad as the bar fight I sort of got into one day, many years ago when photo-gray lenses were cool. It was a very bright day, these were the dark lenses, and this was a very dark bar in between dance sets. No, not ballroom dancing. But you don't want to hear about my dissolute youth.

45 minutes minutes in the water, struggling a bit, not feeling smooth at all. Swim, kick drill, pull, intervals, drill, cool down.

Going back out to the car was really cold. I even wore a warm hat.


  1. Ugh, it's bad out there. I was thinking about running a 3k tomorrow night....forget it! I am still running on Wed nite tho, which promises equally frigid temps.

  2. I will wait and see how my inner polar bear feels tomorrow. Tonight he wanted to hibernate more.

  3. You're right - makes me feel better. Our two day cold spell is over. Also thinking about you getting into bar fights. (snicker)

  4. Helpful, that's me. Thanks for commenting Brenda!

  5. I want to hear about your dissolute youth.... :D

  6. Doesn't make me feel better. We are usually about 2 degrees colder in Cochrane. No running outside for me until it warms up, but I promise to be impressed if you do it!

  7. Really? But what about your wholesome clean cut image? Next time you visit then. This is a family rated blog, after all...

  8. No need to be impressed. It's cold enough that you'd be thinking "stupid" if I had run outside.


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