Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best yoga class (crack!) in a long time

Into the pool, not sure how I felt about it, but it ended up really good.
1K 19:15 working a bit, but not struggling.
lots of kick and pull drill
intervals, getting down to ~45 or 46 seconds per 50m, still on 1:15 though, for a little while
Swam 50 minutes altogether, and could have gone longer. The swim mojo is getting stronger and more relaxed.

Getting from the pool to the office was brutal. Slow. The destination parking lot, the one with an indoor walk to my office was full. Then I was trapped in traffic to make a slow loop back to the one we usually park in. A very slow loop. Then a long walk, only half indoors, to the office. I really didn't mind the extra distance.

Then coming out after work, it had warmed up substantially. I didn't even bother to zip my jacket or put on my hat. Only -23 C (-9 F) and very little wind. I really wanted to go for a run, but had to save myself for yoga.

It was a great class. We were doing this one shoulder thing and something in my back and shoulder cracked so loud F turned and looked at me. It was a good crack though, and my shoulders felt better. That's not all. Lots of forward bend stretches. All good. Another Ying shoulder stretch supported on a couple of blocks that was just lovely. An armpit stretch that felt really good. There was another stretch that as I was getting into it, there was another deep subtle clunk, low in my back or hip. Not sure what that one was, but it was good.

Someone, I won't mention her name, was snoring in Savasana.

Just finishing up The West and the Rest, will write about it tomorrow.


  1. I need some yoga. My legs are yelling at me for some.

  2. Yoga is good. And a massage, they'll like that too.

  3. I deny the snoring! I think it had to be someone else who was doing it & they just projected their snores my way to throw the scent off.

  4. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.


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