Monday, January 9, 2012

Felt like a broomstick had been

No broomsticks during the swim. 750 m, then water run, some (kind of) sprints, water run, some drill, and cool down. Fairly pleased with it.

The broomstick happened during the spin this evening. It felt like someone had taped it to my right thigh, from the outside of my knee to my hip bone. Weird. That whole muscle felt like a big solid lump moving slightly out of time with the rest of my leg.

Warmed up 20. 10 medium, 5 easy, 10 harder, 5 easy, 2.5 minutes really hard, 10 easy to cool down. Trying to concentrate on spinning, when my legs wanted to go up and down.

This is the first time in what seems forever that I've swum and biked the same day. I ought to sleep well tonight.

Here's the promised whiteboard christmas drawing. It started with the tree. Then some ornaments were added. Then the cat. Then some presents. The star. The fireplace, with detail gradually added. Then the words, which were filled in. Music. The banner. Ribbons and bows. I'm not sure when the little train set was added. Artists, LT, JH, KC, and SJ. Or so I'm told, I only know which are my bits.

Most recent reading. Although I disagree with the author's ideas. For a polar bear life is very simple. There are only two kinds of things in the world. Things to eat. Things to play with. Humans can be either, or both.

This is my current read. This is similar to books such as Guns, Germs, and Steel, and I like this kind of thing. Sometimes it's very small things that have a large effect, and once ahead, it can be very hard to catch up.


  1. What do you do with all your books once you've read them? And yes I am totally angling to snag some. lol.

    I thought the stick was shoved up your bum for sure. Never would have guessed it was on your leg. That's just messed up. :D

  2. Most of the books join our library in the basement. I love offering our guests a choice of sleeping with the books and wine, or in the media room with DVDs and player. I am happy to lend books out. Some I will give away. You have to come visit to be offered these choices...

  3. Cute drawing. Nice job on the swim/bike. Hopefully that leg loosens up for you.

  4. Much better today. Relaxed and stretched it on Tues. That's always good.


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