Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long hard spin as it snowed

In Calgary you never know what you'll get for weather. Yesterday was clear, sunny, and about the freezing point. In the evening it got much colder and started snowing. Well, it started snowing here. As we left our friend's after dinner there was barely a flake or two, and it stayed that way most of the night. It was snowing hard at our house, and about 4 or 5 cm fell altogether. Throughout the day it snowed very lightly, and was fairly cold, about -18 C (0 F), and with the windchill it was closer to -30 C (-22 F).

This morning I saw a herd of 6 runners churning by. This was the very first time I've seen such a large group going past the house, and thought it was an odd day for such a thing. After running yesterday I had no guilt at all about heading into the basement for a good spin session.

I put on a movie, set up my drinks and snacks, and settled in.
30 minutes easy warm up with some spin exercises.
30 minutes about the middle of my aerobic range, with some harder bits, and some standing.
5 minutes easy.
repeat the 30 hard 5 easy twice more, trying to stay closer to the top of my aerobic range. Sweating hard. The last 10 minutes were real work for me as I was trying to stay strong, spin smoothly, and not quit early.
20 minutes cooldown, and some stretching after, for a total of 2.5 hrs.

I can say without fear of contradiction that the credits for Chronicles of Riddick are much, Much, MUCH longer than for Adam's Rib. 

This was right up there in terms of effort and duration on the bike, and I'm really pleased. I felt strong and comfortable. This is good.

This coming week is supposed to be cold and snowy. So I guess winter has finally arrived. I may even run at Talisman, more for the novelty of it than any other reason.


  1. Nice spin. I still managed to go outside for an LSD run at Eau Claire this morning. It was COLD!! But now, I finally know what winter running gear I need (except for my Resolution Run jacket, I have really no winter gear - not cold enough for me). How did you deal with covering your face (or not) for these really cold, windy, wintry days?

  2. Hi! I use a variety of neckwarmers and balaclavas that I cycle through...I wear each one exactly once (then its laundry time) as they get covered in snot during each run. ;) Typically, I wear a neckwarmer (these can be as cheap as $1.00 to more pricey ones) and pull it up over my nose so only my eyes are showing. Then, I put ear warmers over top of my toque and neckwarmer.

    If you haven't run with something covering your nose and mouth before, it might feel a little odd at first, but once you acclimate, you will never go back! The absolute best thing I've used for covering my face is this half-face mask thing I found at Sport Check. It's for hunters -- and by far it is the best thing I have used to date! :)

  3. The Calgary weather sounds as fickle as the weather here in CO. Sorry you had to resort to the trainer. But at least you had fun provisions.

  4. Thank's for the reply Julie! I just wrap a scarf loosely around my neck and chin. I don't like to cover up my mouth and nose since the time I did that and my mo' froze to the scarf and my glasses. Getting all that taken care of while I'm doing the pee dance was not a lot of fun.

    Some people use a thick goop like vaseline, but I like the craggy, wind-blown look.

  5. Calgary weather is as fickle as it comes. So the trainer sometimes gets used even in the "summer". But the bikers here are hard-core, with a capital H and C. I saw 3 people, THREE, commuting by bike today. -30 C with the windchill, snow on the roads, frosty windshields, and drivers huddling into their heaters. I've run in this weather, but you couldn't persuade me to ride.


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