Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The tiger balm is applied

Slopped on with a liberal hand by Linda. I need it. There's a lot of mousing in this job. Plus I'm learning, at last, to swim with my back muscles and putting some power into it.

At first the swim was tough going as I warmed up. My left shoulder didn't want to move, though it did eventually. I've no idea if my descending 300's were actually descended. I just swam, pushing hard, harder and hardest. As we all know that's no guarantee of actually going faster. There was an interesting bit at the end. I tried swimming no feet again. This time I got 50 m, and did a flip turn in the middle of it, without my feet touching pool bottom. Given how my shoulders are feeling, that might have been a mistake.

I decided to pretend it was still winter. After all, it's only -3 C, light wind, and some snow. I'd be happy to run in that in Jan, so why not now? Once I got onto the path, that light wind became quite a bit stronger. I struggled along trying to find a pace. If Monday's run was on ceramic bearings, todays was on old cast iron bearings from the junk yard. Lots of nigglies. Struggled to keep my arms moving. There was maybe 5 or 10 minutes of goodness in there. The rest was a struggle. 1 hr, plus 10 minutes walking on each end. Plus stretching after.

Then yoga. Oh my goodness. My back was a bundle of glass by now. Even bending over hurt in a sharp crackly way. Still it was good. You know it's bad when Savasana is painful.

I'm getting my evening pills into me, and will be off to bed in a few minutes.

Yes Alice, nutella is right up there with crack, but has a higher nutritional value. I am reliably assured it's just about the best thing to have after a workout. Even though Julie says she doesn't have any in the house, when I was there I found a small jar hidden down in the sofa cushions. It's either her emergency stash, or her man isn't telling her everything.


  1. But I bet crack and nutella are GREAT when mixed together! ;)

  2. I know what you mean - in January we'd be fine running in this weather. Today I didn't even want to walk to the pool. What's up with that? May seems to be such a crap shoot for weather here in Calgary. I suspected that after the nice April we had that this may be in store for us. It sure doesn't help that we need to be riding outside now though!

  3. Nutella and peanut butter sandwich ON the bike, oh yes, baby!

    I was kinda scared where the balm + Linda was leading too. Hopefully, it worked out nicely for you...

  4. Huh. Mikey has been keeping secrets from me.... Hahahahahaha!!!

    Actually, I'm a terrible sneak -- this is a confession:

    Mike has a bad back so basically, he will only eat the contents in the fridge that is within easy reach. If he has to rummage around and bend down, he just won't do it. Now here is the truly evil part....

    I will hide food I don't want him to get at on the lowest shelf at the very back of the fridge. OMG -- am I going to hell? I am so bad!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Mind you, this is a rare occurrence because Mike isn't about to race me to the fridge for my broccoli salad or my frittata that "has too many vegetables in it." You know Mike and vegetables....

    But, last night I was horrified to discover he tucked into my candied salmon I bought for after the race on Sunday!! I hadn't hid it, but he had bent down to get it -- I warned him not to eat it all because it was my after race treat!!! LOL!!!!

  5. Cool beans for getting to 50m - next up it'll be 1k, you just see :) Good for you!

    Tiger balm is fab - you probably know this already, but it's also great for taking the itch out of insect bites in the Summer :)

  6. Nutella is teh most wonderfullest thing ever created...aside from coffee and sour patch kids...hahah

  7. My vote is for choc. milk for the recovery. Oh plus with the feet, try actually tying them, or hook your ankles. You'd be surprised how much harder it can be when you actually secure them. Maybe you already do, ignore my note in that case.

  8. Ahhh, the unmistakable scent of Tiger Balm. One of Teh 'Bride's favs. Perhaps if tigers really smelled like that, more people would end up getting mauled and eaten by tigers.

    It's a nice thought.

  9. LOL about Julie. Great job getting your workouts in, sounds like you needed the yoga for your back.


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