Thursday, May 13, 2010

24 K, into the wind

Sounds like the start to a Stan Roger's song doesn't it? Tried to find a link to him doing Rolling down to old Maui, which is my fave of his, but couldn't. Oh well. The alternative title I was considering was "Burping Greek Salad the entire ride" but I'll just leave that to your imaginations.

Tonight's bike was the first ride of the season out 22X. No special plan, just ride and see how it feels, and how the time turns out. And other stuff. I know Julie has been pining away (but not pining for the fjords) because I haven't put many numbers in my blog lately. This batch should make her happy. (hahahahaha!)

Rode 1 hour out 22X down 22, 24K, turned around and got home in 48 minutes. Rode a few more minutes to cool down mainly doing easy spin.
48.13 K total ride
26.4 Kph average speed, including an easy start and finish.
76 rpm average cadence
64 Kph max speed
131 rpm max cadence
119 Avg heart rate
138 peak heart rate
81 min heart rate
1486 calories burned (I take this with a grain of salt or two)

It turned out to be a bit windier and a bit cooler than I thought it would be, and ended up coming home a bit chilled. There is still some snow in the ditches on 22. Out in the full sun and everything, not hiding.

Mostly the ride felt pretty good, though it turned into a bit of a slog going south on 22. Since coming back I was in a dead calm at 30 Kph, you know what the wind was like. Yeah Julie, I know any day it's under 30 Kph for you is practically a red letter day. I'm not complaining, just saying what it was. My legs didn't feel too bad, they did a pretty good spin, and felt fairly strong going up hills. I pooped out a little on the last bit coming home, and they were a bit trembly getting off the bike. Nibbled a Clif's bar during the last half of the ride. Oddly enough, my right triceps is what hurts most.


  1. "My right triceps is what hurts most."

    Triceps? How many do you have?! On the right side, specifically?

  2. pushing harder on the last bit of your swim stroke on the right side - that's what did the tricep:)

  3. Hahahahahahahahaah!! Actually, Mike gave me a verbal spanking about not knowing my numbers and negative self-talk the other day....As usual, my better half made some amazingly insightful points. HOWEVER.....

    I have a stubborn streak in me (which you KNOW already! Hahahaha!) that kicks in at odd times. I am slowly getting to know my numbers a little bit better, but I am still holding out. LMAO!!!!!

    Dead calm coming back? OMG. That means that wind was brutal! UGH. My right triceps/shoulder hurts when I hold my pee for too long on the bike.... ;) Just sayin'!! Hahahahahah!!

  4. I was assured you fell asleep from being tired and shagged out after a long squawk.

    Now it's a bike ride?

    Color me Stone Dead.


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