Friday, May 14, 2010

It took 43 minutes, almost exactly

I was on my way into the shower room at Canyon Meadows when just like that, the poop fairy visited. Good thing that didn't happen a few minutes later. Joined a lane with two other people. One guy that swam a little slower, and a rude girl swimming a lot slower. She liked standing in the centre of the lane while resting, and several times pushed off ahead of me and the other guy. Knowing we were there. While she was doing kick. Sigh. I splashed her once really good during the flip turn on the fin set but didn't get a chance to actually talk to her. No doubt she thinks I'm a jerk. Swim was an hour and a few minutes. Some of it very fast. Like the time I passed her and the other guy in one length.

It's a beautiful evening for a run. Just right temp, with a light breeze. My legs were a bit tired to start so I wasn't sure what to expect. Walked 10 to warm up. Ran easy 10 mid zone 2 or so. Then ran fairly hard 12 minutes, aiming to get my heart rate up near the top of zone 3 but not over. Ran 3 easy. All good. The next 12 were a bit tougher and I slowed down a bit. The last 12 started at 40 minutes and was a bit of a struggle. Then suddenly I thought to myself "I can run better than this." And the groove happened at 43 minutes. I picked up the pace, going up hill, and my heart rate dropped a bit. It flattened out and I sped up a bit, with my heart rate constant. It stayed like that till 52 minutes probably running as fast as I've ever run, and feeling pretty good about it. There was no need to slow down at the 52, but I'm a slave to my schedule. Ran easy at the zone 2/3 border relaxing. I had to run an extra 2:30 to get back to my starting point. I think that first 12 minute set was very fast. My legs felt great after. I could have run lots more than the 1:02:30 for 9.4 K. Walked another 10 minutes to get home, and stretched. I am super pleased how this turned out. Here it is Friday after another busy week. I'll be going to bed soon, but I'm not beat like I've been so often lately.

And yes, the glass of wine with dinner was excellent.

Here's a video that is a sobering reminder of what can happen to us in a heartbeat. Something to think about on your next ride, and the next time you drive past cyclists. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the dead and injured.


  1. Can't deny the fairy. Ever.

  2. Good run Keith, you got into the zone!!!

  3. Excellent run! It's weird about the 43 minute thing -- last year I noticed it would take me excatly 45 minutes to warm up for a hilly ride....Interesting eh? (And proof that I do keep track of some numbers!! Hahaha!)


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