Monday, May 10, 2010


Nope, not Estela. Me. During the swim. I used to have loose shoulders and could click them at will. Then I started swimming a lot more and they tightened up so that they rarely click. Lately there's been more clicks, and not just the mouse kind. But today in the pool was almost scary.

Easy freestyle to warm up, then some pull, some breast stroke (yeah I know, but I'm a slave to my schedule) then backstroke. I kind of like backstroke. But today my right shoulder went thunk just after getting my hand into the water and starting to apply some power. Thunk, not click. It didn't hurt, but it echoed. Fortunately there was only 50 m of it. Then lots of fast stuff in 150, 100, and 50 m sets. No thunks. It wasn't the fastest I've done those, and each was slightly slower than the one before it, but I pushed pretty hard. Cooled down, including more breast stroke. I'm a bit surprised. I didn't use to be able to swim breast stroke. I'd thrash around and several minutes later I'd get to the other end and the lifeguards would give me shit for warming up their pool. I did ok for warmup, but during cool down I gave myself a good hamstring cramp. Filled out the hour with some pull, concentrating on the catch, and some easy freestyle, concentrating on the flip.

Tonight I ran this route, for 8.2 K. Last time I remember doing it I had to struggle to get it done in an hour. Today was supposed to be a nice enjoyable run. I wore the new heart rate monitor just to see where the numbers were. For the first half, my heart rate was always a little lower than what I thought based on breathing. During the last half it was the opposite. I pretty well nailed the border between zone 2 and 3 and stayed there except for up the hill out of Fish Creek, and ended up the run in 53:15. I was a little bit surprised, since it was a heavy footed run throughout. I never really got into the groove. Ran a little more to bring it to the 55 minutes on the schedule. Walked 5 min to warm up, 10 to cool down, with stretching before and after as well. Nice night for a run.

One of my regular readers has a contest for athletic hairbands. I'm not sure if it's for athletes with hair, or people with athletic hair. Check it out.

And Kristen, I don't think those two were lovers. Might have been gay, but certainly not with each other, or at least not anymore.


  1. Regular? How do you know I'm regular? My GI issues are an entirely private matter!! And I would thank you for not broadcasting my GI regularity/irregularity on your blog. If I want to discuss it on MY blog, so be it. But YOUR blog, not so cool.


  2. I'm intrigued on the comment above. Spam or no?

    LOL on the Kristen comment.

    Hope your shoulder feels better! Great job on the run.


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