Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A long day, very tired now

Swim was good. Very good. Lots of fast stuff. 1 hr. At the very end was a 200 m all out, and a 100 m all out, with a rest and some easy stuff in between. They were 3:35 and 1:39 respectively. My arms were ready to fall off but during the last part of each I could dig in a little harder. For most of the swim I had to pay a lot of attention to form. I could feel my arms wanting to swim straight, and I could feel my legs wanting to drag.

Went straight from swimming to donate blood. I've got type A rh Neg blood, so it's almost perfect. If I don't donate, they'll phone and ask. And keep on asking till I do. I think they have a tough time getting enough.

Today was nice and warm. In fact it was almost hot during the run. 70 minutes. Did twice around my 5K route nice and steady, 33:05 and 32:50, then some easy run to cool down. For most of the run my heart rate was higher than I would have expected by my breathing. For the first while I believed that because I had a really crappy stride going. It took the first 5K to get into the groove. Average HR turns out to be low zone 3, but most of the run was closer to mid zone 3.

I had to sit out part of the yoga class. I got the major head spins while doing this Eagle Warrior bending thingie. For a bit of it my breathing and heart rate were right up there as if I were running. Which felt very weird.

Time for bed.


  1. Sleep will do you well, my friend. You've been putting in good chunks of training this week! :) :)

  2. I've got type A rh Neg blood, so it's almost perfect

    Wow. Someone really likes himself. You don't see me bragging about my nearly perfect bodily fluids on my blog!

    So I'll do it here, instead.

    Hey, girls! Wanna see some really purdy semen? Okay, okay ... just give me a minute ...

    Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! I don't need a whole minute!

    For the record - I screamed like an eleven year-old girl when I hurt myself. Not nine.

    Because no 9 year-old would have known those words I used.

  3. You ran for 70 MINUTES?! AND had a negative split? Stud.


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