Saturday, May 22, 2010

I threw up more than a little in my mouth

No, not from my workouts. Reading about what Missy is up to this weekend in the Triple-T. I'd known she was doing the 4 triathlons in 3 days but hadn't read the actual details. I had my hand over my mouth by the end. Go Missy Go!

Contrary to what some people might think, I'm not feeling down about my ride on Thursday. That's a tough ride at the best of times and the wind and extra clothing made it more of a challenge than usual. But I was in pretty good spirits throughout the ride. However I was beat at the end of it, so I decided that Friday was going to be my rest day. I could feel the fatigue in the morning, but by the afternoon I was feeling pretty good. The weather was nice, and if I'd planned a little better I could have gone for a run.

Saturday I bounced out of bed and was at the pool by 6:45 waiting for it to open. Shared the lane the entire time with another slow swimmer. When the guy with the supper baggy shorts got out, a stout woman got in. Both were good fodder for chasing down during the hard parts of the swim. There was a slender guy swimming a couple lanes over. I suspect he's part of a Master's group out slumming. Geez could he swim! He rocketed past me on my hards. Even during the fin set, when I was swimming about 80 second 100's, he still passed me. Not as quickly, but still. Swam 1.25 hrs.

Once home I read the paper for a while and had some breakfast, then a bit later went out for my Friday run.  I wish they were all like this. My feet were light and happy. Ran 3x7 hard, pushing my heart rate up to the very top of zone 3, and verging into zone 4 on the little uphills. My core was working, and one I convinced my left shoulder to stop nuzzling up to my left ear, all was good. A few times I could even feel my heels coming up off the ground and my knee bending much more than usual, and my leg driving through. Unfortunately I don't have the stamina to keep that going long. Ran 64 minutes, down into Fish Creek and back.

Temperature was nicer than expected, but still chilly. Nice for a run, but cold for riding. We'll see what Julie says in her about her epic ride this am. I hope she got to see the buffalo calves.


  1. Did you really get momentum and "bounce" our of bed? If so, that's awesome, and it says a lot considering your age. ;)

  2. Once home I read the paper for a while ...

    ZOMG!1! Do people still do this? Get their news from thinly sliced pieces of tree?

    Did you sit by the wireless afterward to get the latest on what that German Madman Hitler is up to on the continent? Myself, I think that man is spoiling for WAR! Good thing there's no reason for those of us on this side of the world to get involved.

    FYI - I did nothing to convince Teh 'Bride to get rid of the sink. She came to the conclusion all on her own that she obviously was never going to use it after it sat fallow in the yard for a year and a half or so.


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