Monday, May 17, 2010

How quickly things change

Swam an hour and 5 minutes or so. Lots of 50 m intervals. 30 of them. First on 70, then 65, then 60. Meanwhile Mz. Backstroke is staying out of my way as usual, but a new, slow swimmer hasn't figured out fast, medium, and slow lanes yet. I was ending up craning my neck looking for her so I don't run her over, and actually gave myself a bit of a headache doing it. Sigh. She'll learn, sooner or later. The swim went pretty good, though the last several intervals were essentially being done without a rest.

It was hot for the run, 24 C (75F) is a warm day in Calgary, and where I start thinking it's hot. Plus some humidity, which is every unusual, and very unpleasant. 24% is gack. It seems like only a week ago the problem was staying warm during the run.

Ran an hour in the evening. I was going to try to keep my heart rate low zone 3, but between the heat and the pace my legs wanted to run it was pretty steady at 135 to 138, and my watch says 135 as an average for the hour. Walked 5 and did some light stretching to warm up. I was about a 5 minute walk from where I started at the end of my out and back run. Not sure how far I went. 10 minute walk cool down and stretched.

My watch says I burned 1034 calories in a one hour run mid zone 3. My weight is set right. Is such a thing possible?


  1. I think it's possible as walking the same amount of time burns the same amount of calories... it's true... look it up! and yes Humidity suks.

  2. Neil – actually you are close but it is the same amount of distance not time.

    And Keith, I hate to say this – but no. You probably did not burn 1000+ calories in an hour (on top of your existing burn rate). If you had been working that hard you would not asking us – you would know it.

    Although it is a rule of thumb it is pretty accurate – regardless of speed – you burn about 100 calories for each mile (give or take about 10%).

  3. Hey Keith,

    I was out running last night as well...I almost d-i-e-d towards the end of the run with the heat/humidity and lack of water.

    1034 for an hour does seem high for an hour at 135 avg. Perhaps your average was higher? I ran for 50 minutes at an avg of 157bpm and burnt just over 500 cals...although my sweat-rate was through the roof. I was still under 1.5lbs my normal weight this morning.

  4. Funny how the weather instantly changes -- whammo! And nice weather suddenly.

    Although I know we are still in for some crap weather...especially since my Dad took off my winter tires yesterday. ;)

  5. My watch says I burned 1034 calories in a one hour run mid zone 3. My weight is set right. Is such a thing possible?

    It's possible. But only if they were - pfffttt! - Kanadian Kalories.

  6. Seems a bit high Keith. Or, maybe you were just high when you looked at the numbers.

    I burn roughly 90 calories per mile.


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