Sunday, May 23, 2010

How steep is that hill?

Slept like crap last night so it was easy to be at the pool at 7. Lots of drill today. I wanted to be done because I was pretty sure the pool was going to turn into a zoo at 8, and I was right. Just as I finished up a guy hopped into the lane and starting doing what he calls swimming. It's very slow, and very wide. During the non-drill bits, and there wasn't much of that, I was pushing pretty hard. 60 minutes.

Home breakfast relax a bit, then out for a 65 minute run down into Fish Creek. Short walk before and after. Just across bridge 1 is a steep hill. How steep? Enough that my ankles don't lean forward that much while running. I had to turn sideways a bit or else run on my toes. Ran all the way to a little wood bridge then back. Mostly easy at the top of zone 2, with a bit in zone 3 on the hills.

There was just enough time for a bit of stretching (not enough, really) a shower, then off to a book club meeting. Puttering around the house. Trying to work up the ambition to bleach a bunch of wine bottles.

Normally I'd be doing a brick today, but the pool is closed tomorrow, and it's cloudy and cold. Tomorrow looks much nicer for a bike ride. So I swapped days.

I don't get news from the thin sliced bits of dead trees. That is time to relax, drink coffee, gradually wake, and continue to hone my advertising avoidance skills. Every now and then there is a bit of fluff that is interesting reading. Then I wash the ink off my hands.

Weekly Summary
Swim 4.5 hrs
Bike 3.75 hrs
Run 4.35 hrs
Walk .5 hrs
Total Cardio 13.0 hrs
Core 2.0 hrs
Total 15.0 hrs

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  1. lol on your comment. I know right. what was I thinking? For once, I was being positive. I'll never do that agian :)

    Your good. Any hill immediatly puts me in Z4. Only Z3 if I walk it. and only Z2 if I stop half way up and take a nap.

    Missy is NUTZO.


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