Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look what Julie is missing! It started snowing harder just as I started my run. There is a snowfall warning in effect.

But I began with long, slow, core stuff this evening. 35 minutes. Plank. Pushups. Reverse lunges. One leg squats. Lots of other stuff, doing them slow, trying for good form. The first pushup I thought my shoulders were going to explode what with all the weird noises, but they settled in just fine.

Then dressing up for outside. It's not cold, maybe just above 0 or so, just snowing really hard. We've got maybe an inch in our front yard now. I'm laughing at all the people that planted expensive annuals last weekend.

Run was pretty good, though I was soaking wet the entire time, and felt heavy. I had to dodge around and duck under bent over tree branches on the path. I didn't take the camera or it could have been a good shot. Ran 75 minutes trying to avoid going clump clump clump, but it's a bit tough when there is a build up of slush on the path in places. Hams were on the verge of cramping for most of the run. Walked a few minutes to cool down and stretched after.


  1. OMG...SNOW (shakes head)...

    And I was going to complain about our cold snap last week...I won't now.

    BTW... I teach at the community college, which is, sadly, where many of our less ready for actual college students go...So, in answer to your question, I have students from 18 to 80 (well...usually it tops out at about 40 or so)

  2. You gotta be kidding me. It's May! How can it snow at your place?
    To think that I was mad because of the rain we've got....

    75 mins of running. well done, you wouldn't have gotten me out into this.

    Have a great weekend nonetheless.

  3. It was snowing when I left for Victoria too....

    To be honest it has been rainy here -- on the 5 hour ride, it was pretty chilly. And I was drenched. We would squeeze our hands into fists and the water would pour out from our gloves.

    Still, it is really mild here. And I take rain over snow ANY DAY!!

  4. I remember snow in May when I was in the midwest.

    Here in Mississippi it has been hitting 90 (or near 90) every day.

  5. Snow?!? What the HELL (and by "HELL" I mean "F*CK") MONTH is it up therein Kanadia?

    It's May-going-on-June down here.

  6. Ohmigod, my jaw is on the ground looking at this picture. I am in total and complete shock. I hope it warms up soon!

  7. Kanadia really IS another planet, isn't it? It was 78F here today. Monday was 90F. Heat sucks - I'd definitely prefer your snow.

  8. It really wouldn't be Calgary if it didn't snow in May. Now we get to take bets on when the snow will fall in June...


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