Friday, May 7, 2010

My flukes waved genially but ineffectually

Once again at Canyon Meadows pool, but at least the shower room didn't make me gag. I took that for a good omen. Even though I've been working on my shoulders, trying to relax and stretch them during the day at work, they were very sore this morning. For a while it seemed like I was doing one arm drill even while nominally using both. I never really got into the groove. For whatever reason the pool was really choppy this morning and inhaled froth instead of air several times. 

The main set was 2K all in one go, which is a bit unusual. Normally it's broken into shorter stuff. I churned along, working my stroke and trying to be steady. My lungs weren't working very hard, but my arms were giving me hell. They thought I was was working them to death, and yet my pace off. Slow. I couldn't get a grip on the water. My coach gave me a time to aim for and I beat that by almost a minute, but that's still a minute off the pace I expected. Still, the swim is coming along pretty good; one off day is nothing to get excited about. I'll need to work on my shoulders more. Where is my massage therapist's phone number?

The run this evening was super! Short walk to warm up, good 45 minute run with some accelerations at the end. Those felt really good. I could feel my arms and abs working with my legs to bound along pretty good. I'd love to be able to run at that pace for longer than 30 seconds. Walked 10 minutes to cool down and stretched after. Linda found some bands with handles and I played with those for a little while.

This weekend is a distinct maybe for riding outside. I need to get more tubes and CO2 cartridges. I hate going for a long ride with only one of each. There are a bunch of tubes hanging in my basement that all have slow leaks. Maybe from the patch on them, maybe from something else. They'll be fine for on the trainer, but I don't want to ride outside with them.


  1. I know what you mean about holding a pace for longer than 30 seconds. It blows my mind that people actually run marathons at my 400m pace. WTF?! Crazy!

    I hope you do get out there to ride. You have some serious discipline to be on that trainer day in and day out. Have a great ride.

  2. I never ride unless I have at least two tubes. I think it's just tempting the fates.

    I don't understand swimming jargon. Grip the water? How does one grip water?

  3. Spot on - one not so good swim doesn't mean a thing - and ANYWAY, it's all going in the right direction!

    Hope you got to ride outside - I've just come back from my new found route - it only snowed a LITTLE bit on the way back down so not toooo bad - roll on warmer weather - they SAY it's due next week!

    Keep at it :)

    C x

  4. I'm glad to hear your swim is coming along. You have lots of discipline in each sport. Hope you got to ride outside this weekend.


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