Monday, May 3, 2010

Still more snow, but

Linda had a great idea today as I was stirring around getting ready for work. "Why not run at lunch time?"

Why not indeed? We had another winter storm warning for this evening and it seemed reasonable by the time I was home it would be cold and raining at least. So I scurried around a little faster to bring run stuff.

The swim was pretty good, just over an hour. Mostly by myself which was great, since I had a real mix of stuff to do. Mz. Backstroke joined me part way through, but I like sharing a lane with her. Somehow we never get in each others way. Her front crawl is very pretty, but not especially fast, but I think she swims just as fast backstroke. Worked pretty hard, though doing a golf with fins is a bit of a misnomer since the number of arm strokes becomes totally arbitrary.

Just at the end I tried to swim without kicking, and without a pull buoy. I didn't have a band, but I figured I could be disciplined enough not to kick. Geez, you'd think I had a rock tied to my feet. I didn't even make it to the other end of the pool before my feet touched bottom. I'll have to try that again.

The run at lunch was excellent! Perfect shorts and t shirt running weather. Sunny, a bit of a breeze. Ran easy along the path south, and turned left when I hit the Bow River. They've got part of the path closed as they take out the killer weir, so I ran over the pedestrian bridge and headed for Max Bell Arena. I almost got there, and turned around at the 4.9 K mark at 32 minutes, which is a 6:31 K pace (10:30 mile). This felt relaxed and easy. I had to work to keep from going faster.

Then I picked up the pace on the way back, aiming to where I started in an hour total. I made it back in 60:45. The run back was a 5:52 K pace! (9:26 mile) woohoo! That's fast for me. The last few minutes was a bit of a struggle to try to keep my pace up the hill to the bridge. Still, I'm really pleased. My feet felt light and happy. Even on that last hill I still had a good stride.

It started raining late in the afternoon. By 6:45 we were getting snow. By 7 it was snowing, and at 8 there was a full blown blizzard with reduced visibility and all. I'm sure happy I got my run done at lunch. The good part of running this path is that there aren't very many people on it, a dozen to two dozen tops, mostly walkers, some runners, a few bikes, and one roller blader. If you run downtown at lunch you are in a herd of people. They practically need stoplights or someone directing traffic near the Y. There is a grave danger of whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.

Shannon. There's an Italian Brunello (one of my faves!) for me, and I picked up an En Primeur Sicilian Syrah for a buddy of Lindas. She'll buy the kit, and generously give me half the bottles for making it for her. If I'd know you wanted some, I could have picked them up. From your place, Red Deer is barely an hour away. It would probably take longer to drive here.

Carpe. They do, but it would be pointless on these guys. Much too much fur. These are seriously furry cats. Besides, they're very talkative, and have a great many interesting things to say.

Kristen. That core/run time is a bit of a fluke. Keep in mind the core includes a 1.25 hr yoga class. The abs are improving, but there is still serious flub there I'm working on.


  1. So awesome you tried the bandswimming without the band....isn't it hilarious? Hahahahahaha!!! I love how by taking one little thing away (like lower body movement) you see all your weaknesses. When I was in Australia, they had us use a band with a frigging towel trailing behind us...

    I tried doing a flip turn exactly ONCE with that get up....and it wasn't pretty. I think I took out a couple of people too. Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!!

    And your running legs are back! Goody! :) :)

  2. Congrats on getting in a wonderful lunchtime run. Weren't you relieved when all the weather came through and you had already worked out? Linda is a genious!


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