Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not pretty, but done

Estela is still as pretty as ever but my ride sure wasn't. You know those mechanical bulls you find in all the best Western bars? I looked like I was riding one of them. Forward and back. Side to side. But no around and around, mores the pity. My legs were all over the place, twitching and spasming and on the verge of cramping for most of the ride.

I got through the workout, minus the one leg drill. I knew it was bad when I started going clunk at 30 seconds. The odd thing is that I felt strong during the ride, just not coordinated. Not at all. Not even close. It was a shambling train wreck of a ride and I'm glad it's over. 1.5 hrs.

The only way I got through was promising myself some time with my feet up right after, and a peanut butter and nutella sandwich when I was done the workout. Feet up, 10 minutes, very nice, check.

Started the core. All of the stuff was done to failure and trust me, it didn't take very long.

Peanut butter and nutella sandwich. Check. mmmmmmm.
Julie's video. mmmmmmmmm!


  1. thanks! I was just about to call it a night, now I am in the kitchen with a jar of peanut butter and nutella! Cheers

  2. Mo and Jo will be back real soon - just like my ying and yang in the pool :)

  3. Whoa. Whoa! Too much!

    "...feet up...Julie's video..."

    You KNOW what that sounds like, right?!

  4. LMAO!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!

    I've had to ban Nutella from my life sadly...you see, I have no control around it and I would always keep going back for "one more spoonful." Hahahahahahaha!!!

  5. I looked like I was riding [a mechanical bull]. Forward and back. Side to side ... My legs were all over the place, twitching and spasming and on the verge of cramping ...

    Hands off, ladies! He's spoken for!


    No wonder you're wearing that helmet in your avatar!

  6. Nice work buddy on getting the job done!

  7. ((LOL and Sigh)) I've missed reading your blog this week...

    I've never had Nutella. I hear its worse than crack.

  8. Love nutella.......mmmmmmm is right!


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